Summary of the Prague Tour de Pub game

Game description

The story starts when long time wanted Mexican bandit El Macho steals a bike you got from your father - the only he's left you after he passed away. You've overheard that last time he was spotted at the Peace Square (Náměstí Míru) and that is also the place, where game starts. After that, the app will guide you from the place to place, from bar to bar. Along the way, you will need to answer different questions, riddles and will need to complete many task. Take your time and enjoy every pub you visit, have a drink and enjoy the night.

Price: 40 EUR (999 CZK)

Difficulty: MEDIUM 

Length: around 3,5 km

Time: 3-6 hours (depends if you want to finish fast, or enjoy yourself in the bars)

Recommended Players: 4-6 (but it's really up to you - more people, more fun)

Number of bars: 9 (5 x $, 4 x $$)

How to launch the game

  1. After the payment, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation and the Code of your game
  2. Download the app Tour de Pub (iTunes , Google Play)
  3. When you open the app, choose the city and open the game
  4. Enter your Game code and download the game (max. 15 MB, downloading the game does NOT start the game, so you can download it in advance, so you don't need to use up your internet outside)
  5. In this moment, you can start the game. You have 24 hours  to finish the game, so we recommend to start it, when you arrive to the starting location
  6. So create a group of friends, drink responsibly, but most of all - enjoy the Prague!

Drinking alcohol is the part of the game, so we ask you this way to have a drink in each but, so you can enjoy the game's potential. Drinks are NOT included in the game price and you need to buy them at each bar. Please follow this rule, because that is only way to keep only the best bars in the game. All the bars are chosen by people, who live in the city, so you are not affected by commercial tourist websites.

You can start the game from 6PM to 9PM, so you get to all bars within their opening hours.