King Charles IV himself invited you for a drink in his own restaurant. Surprisingly he did not show up and that leave you with no other choice than to find out why. Go on the journey filled with riddles and different task and get to the bottom of this mystery. Along the way you will explore the most interesting bars and clubs in the city. Can you meet with the Czech king in 2 hours or are going to enjoy drinks and still be looking for him after 5 hours? We recommend to start the game between 6PM and 9PM. If you want to get food in along the way, you need to start the game at 8PM. Game starts in the restaurant U Karla (MAP, the closest tram station: Pionýrská).

Download the app Get Out Fun from our partners

We are using one of the best scavenger application on the market to run our tours through the most interesting cities of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Working together we can deliver unforgettable experience from the best bars, clubs and from the cities themselves

Why you should choose us?

Play with up to 6 players

It does not matter if you are a couple or a group of students. You will enjoy the game either way. But sure, more boozed up people, more fun

Only the best bars and clubs

Visit only the best and the most interesting places. Places people like you recommend, NOT sponsored recommendation you can find on-line

Have fun getting know the city

Our tour will guide you through the very center of visited city and you will see the most important MUST see places - all that with fun and drinks. What else do you want?


Great game, perfect if you want to see new places you've never been before. Great route to go with friends and have couple of drinks. We really had a great time 🙂


Very good idea for those who want to see Prague with their friends and explore new bars and have a drink (or more :)) We had small technical issue but support was on the phone even in night hours and fixed the problem (we continued the game in few minutes). We will try new one soon


Great support, creators always on the phone. Any issues solved within minutes. Great game to play with your friends